Welcome to SP's Don't Eat The Stone Official Wiki, in its beginning stageEdit

Theodpack, SP's Don't Eat The Stone! This wiki will tell you how to craft, smelt, get married and more! With all the different mods, you could be playing for days. This wiki has only been here for a short while but more pages will be added very soon. (WIP) Check it out:

The Modpack!Edit

When you start the game there will be a few beginning items.

First, you will get two books, the "Camping Guide" and "Materials and You"

In the Camping Guide you will learn a few basic recipes and their uses for camping.

In Materials and You, you will learn basic things about the Tinker's Construct mod. This book will advance as you play.

Then you will get a stone sword, pickaxe, shovel and axe.

You will also get 16 apples and 16 torches.

The beginning items are your only chance for survival on the first day. Monsters in this pack aren't so easily pushed around.

Here's how to get started

How to MarryEdit

To marry an npc you first need to get her/him to the level of a 100 hearts. this can be done by gifting them emeralds, iron, gold, and diamond. Do not give the anything like food or blocks because they will say it's trash and you will lose hearts. once you get to level you need to make a Engagement Ring which is 1 diamond and 7 gold. Then you have to make a Wedding rRng. first you gift he/she the Engagement Ring then the Wedding Ring and then you are offically married:)

Mod listEdit

  1. Minecraft Forge - Author: LexManos URL: Website
  2. Optifine - You must download it seperatly! Download: Forum
  3. CodeChicken Core - Author: chicken_bone URL: Forum
  4. IDFixer - This mod is a custom mod
  5. Rei's Minimap - Author: ReiFNSK URL: Forum
  6. GUIApi - Author: ShaRose URL: Forum
  7. Dynamic Lights - Author: AtomicStryker URL: Forum
  8. Biblio Craft - Author: Nuchaz URL: Forum
  9. BWG - Author: ted80 URL: Forum
  10. EasyCrafting - Author: Lepko URL: Forum
  11. EnchantingPluslkdkjcrmu\,z'o;sjnzjbxhdgjhuio\njhcufydsioazlxcmnjhdusiwaqoplzx,m,cndjheuiwoalkzxmncjhuydieosxkcmfjrueioslxkcmfvjgtridelsx,cmvjgtrkdlsz - Author: Freyjadono URL: Forum
  12. Fossils and Archaeology - Author: 4f6f3b URL : Forum
  13. LegendaryBeasts - Author: Davidee URL: Forum
  14. Mo's Food & Crops - Author: v3XzZ URL: Forum
  15. InstantBlocks - Author: SlyMask3 URL: Forum
  16. StartingInventory - Author: bspkrs URL: Forum
  17. WildCaves - Author: Alexmania URL: Forum
  18. NEI (Not enough items) - Author: chicken_bone URL: Forum
  19. Damage Indacators - Author: rich1051414 URL: Forum
  20. BackPack - Author: Eydamos URL: Forum
  21. CustomLANMod - Author: CptHunter URL: Forum
  22. Dragon Mounts - Author: Barracuda URL: Forum
  23. ExtrabiomesXL - Author: MisterFibre URL: Forum
  24. BuildCraft - Author: SpaceToad URL: Forum
  25. Better Dungeons - Author: Chocolatin URL: Forum
  26. Forestory Mod - Author: SirSengir URL: Forum
  27. Tree Capitator - Author: bspkrs URL: Forum
  28. Bspkrs Core - Author: bspkrs URL: Forum
  29. The Camping Mod - Author: __Rikmuld__ URL: Forum
  30. Minions - Author: AtomicStryker URL: Forum
  31. Metallurgy - Author: ShadowClaimer URL: Forum
  32. Inventory Tweaks - Author: Kobata URL: Forum
  33. Iron Chest - Author: cpw URL: Forum
  34. MCA (Minecraft comes alive) - Author: WildBamaBoy URL: Forum
  35. LegendGear - Author: NMcCoy URL: Forum
  36. Ruins - Author: AtomicStryker URL: Forum
  37. Project Zulu - Author: Crudedragos URL: Forum
  38. Infernal Mobs - Author: AtomicStryker URL: Forum
  39. Sorcery - Author: Vroominator URL: Forum
  40. SpecialMobs - Author: FatherToast URL: Forum
  41. Twilight Forest - Author: Benimatic URL: Forum
  42. WandMakers Mod - This mod is my own mod and you cannot use it for your own packs or distrubuet it!
  43. More Swords - Author: DarkHax URL: Forum
  44. More bows - Author: iDiamondHunter URL: Forum
  45. Extended Workbench - Author: Naruto1310 URL: Forum
  46. TinkersConstruct - Author: mDiyo URL: Forum
  47. CustomNPC's - Author: Noppes URL: Forum
  48. SmallBoats - Author: Awger URL: Forum
  49. AppliedEnergetics - Removed temporarly!
  50. Chisel - Author: Automatic_Maiden URL: Forum
  51. CraftHeraldry - Author: Vazkii URL: Forum
  52. Elemeantal Tinkerer - Author: Vazkii URL: Forum
  53. Fantasy Of Minecraft - Author: KurodaAkira URL: Forum
  54. Secret Rooms Mod - Author: AbrarSyed URL: Forum
  55. MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - Author: mr_crayfish URL: Forum
  56. TMP (Technic Modpack Patcher) - Author: RONNOC777 URL: (No forum at the moment)
  57. Railcraft - Author: CovertJaguar URL: Forum
  58. Steves Carts - Author: Vswe URL: Forum
  59. Balkons Weapons Mod - Author: BalkondeurAlpha URL: Forum